How Design Warp Helped Riviere Tropicale Save $40,000 Per Year, And Get More Done

About The Company

Riviere Tropicale was started in 2012 out of a need for high-quality, affordable cosmetics for women, made in the US, from simple ingredients.  We have found a loyal customer base since then, and continue to grow in 2021, with more than 20 employees in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The Problem

We have a reasonably large portfolio of products, with new ones being added all the time, so there is a huge need for images and graphics around these products, as well as social media graphics.  We had a lot of trouble with freelance designers we’d use – bad attitudes, unreliable, and they weren’t able to learn our company’s editing style.  We looked at hiring our own designer, but we weren’t satisfied with their output to cost ratio. 

Designs Created
Hours Saved
$ 1
Saved on design
The Solution

Design Warp’s offering appealed to us, and when we spoke to them, they offered us a free test project, and we gave them the standard type of work we were giving the freelance designers.  To our surprise, Design Warp did a fantastic job!  Based on that we went ahead and signed up, and were very happy with the designer assigned to us.  He was able to learn our company style, and gave us a lot more output than we got through any other method as well.  Plus, everything done through one website was really easy to use for our team.  It went so well that upgraded our package to double output, and we’ve been on that package since.  They handle editing all our product images, making mockups for ads, and even social media posts now.


“Design Warp gave our business the headroom it needed to grow, and saved us money in the process.”

Ashley Lacroix

Marketing Manager