How One SEO Company Used Design Warp to Grow, Save Time and Save Money

About The Company

We started Web Optimizers from a spare room in my house a few years ago, by offering SEO services in my local area.  Today it’s now expanded to an office with 16 employees, serving over 200 clients worldwide, with the majority based in the UK and the US.

The Problem

The challenge is trying to grow an SEO agency is balancing the act between getting clients onboard with us, and the day-to-day operations of the company.  If the latter take up most of our time, we’re not left with much time to prospect new clients.  We were spending a tremendous amount of both time and money trying to find designers to make us blog images at the start.  Most would either be unreliable, or too expensive for this type of work.  We also had trouble finding designers who could create good web design in a timely fashion, and without that, we can’t deliver results to our clients.

Designs Created
Hours Saved
$ 1
Saved on design
The Solution

After using Fiverr, Canva and countless freelancers, we gave Design Warp a shot.  It was the solution we didn’t even know we needed.  Using their customer portal, not having to chase freelancers, and getting work done quickly and reliably changed the way we run our business.  We love that we can just log in, make new requests, put through revisions, download our projects, communicate with our designers – all in one place, that our whole team can access.

We started with one designer creating all the blog images we wanted for our clients, then scaled to the plan with two designers.  We were able to give them all our web design work, as well as our other design needs such as logos and icons.  Clients love the value they get from our service, and we’re really happy that we can focus on growing our business, rather than focus on day-to-day issues.


“Exactly what an SEO agency needs – great work, fast, reliable and scalable.”

Rhys Anderson

Marketing Manager