How Digital Wisdom Used Design Warp to Power Their Startup During the Pandemic

About The Company

I left my job during the pandemic to start my own e-commerce merch venture, called Digital Wisdom.  Hey, what better time, right?  My store focuses on current Internet trends, captured on t-shirts, hats and other merch.

The Problem

As a one-person show, managing everything right from the start became really difficult.  I have some design experience, but managing to turn out designs, figuring out the technical aspects of stocking online stores, and running promotions was overwhelming.  I tried hiring freelance designers, but the work wasn’t good, and worse, they didn’t understand the concepts and ideas of the designs.  And I couldn’t afford to hire a full time designer, and I wouldn’t know where to begin either.

Designs Created
Hours Saved
$ 1
Saved on design
The Solution

After a conversation with one of the founders of Design Warp, I signed up and submitted my first projects the first day.  The work these guys turned out for me – man am I happy I signed up!  Not only was the work superb, the communication, the support, and the speed was as well.  Mentally, it allowed me to feel like I’ve taken a lot off my plate, and now I feel like they’re an extension of my business – my team that handles my design.  They handle not only all my designs, some of which are complex, and my out-there ideas, but also do great mockups of the merch that I just upload straight away to my stores.  All I have to do is give them a decent description of what I want, and maybe a revision or two, and I get a finished product!  Also, it’s a price that is really affordable, even at this early stage of my business.


“Feels like they’re an extension of my business! They handle far more than I expected they could.”

Tyrell Johnson